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Black & White

ezflop flip flops, foldable flip-flops

Blue & White

ezflop flip flops, foldable flip-flops

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Carbon Fiber

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Pink & Black Argyle

ezflop flip flops, foldable flip flops

The first of its kind: lightweight, waterproof, foldable & recyclable flip flop for everyone.

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EzFlop Flip Flops - Foldable & Recyclable Flip Flops

Temporary Use Waterproof Flip-Flops

Welcome to our EzFlop Flip Flop's Website

Here you will be able to find out more information about our super cool foldable & recyclable flip flops. Designed to be used as TEMPORARY feet protection; please don't attempt to run a marathon in a pair of EzFlop Flip Flops. Okay now that we provided a disclaimer about our amazing flip-flops; you're probably wondering… What lead to foldable, disposable & recyclable flip-flops? The story began a few years ago when our founder was working as a VIP host in the bustling city of Las Vegas. Everyday a dirty & nasty problem presented itself…Girls walking down the Las Vegas Strip barefoot while holding their high heels. Instantly a lightbulb went off on why don't hotels provide a disposable flip-flop? People walk from their rooms to the pool area often barefoot or walk around barefoot after a long night of dancing.

Now that is disgusting! Nasty feet bacteria and germs festering all over the floors! Ewww!!!

Not too long after that realization, EzFlop Flip Flops was founded. The idea was simple one; design a foldable flip-flop that can be used temporarily and recycled. Our goal now is to ensure every hotel provides a pair of EzFlop Flip Flops to their guest.

We will begin sells of EzFlop Flip Flops through our website in Q4 of 2017. As of right now individuals can purchase a pair of EzFlop Flip Flops on
Amazon.com for $4.99 pair.

Quick Facts About EzFlop Flip Flops:

Super Light Weight:
2.6 oz or 73.7 grams (Pair Weight based on Large Size)

US Sizing:
XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL, XLL

Click Here For Size Chart

EVA Foam Rubber & Fabric Strap

10mm un-folded & 20mm folded

Disclaimer: EzFlop Flip Flops are designed to be a temporary use flip-flop and not meant for long time use. Please do not attempt to run, job or skip while wearing EzFlop Flip Flops.