How EzFlop Flip Flops Fold:

Our main focus when developing EzFlop Flip Flops was the folding aspect of the design. Our patent-pending interlocking hinge was the perfect solution to ensure a proper fold and comfort while being worn. Each flip-flop features our patent-pending interlocking hinge in the middle of the bottom sole. The use of interlocking teeth allows EzFlop Flip Flops to remain securely fastened while un-folded. Our design utilizes the natural arch of a foot to provide pressure on both the heel and toe creating an upward force on the interlocking teeth. This upward pressure helps further secure the interlocking teeth on the hinge of the EzFlop Flip Flop.

We even went a step further and developed our straps to be used to secured EzFlop Flip Flops while folded.

1. Simply slide back each strap to the outside of your EzFlop Flip Flops.
2. Unfold and press interlocking teeth together for a tight fit.
3. Enjoy temporary feet protection.

Disclaimer: EzFlop Flip Flops are designed to be a temporary use flip-flop and not meant for long time use. Please do not attempt to run, job or skip while wearing EzFlop Flip Flops.

ezflop flip flops folding

Watch an EzFlop Flip Flop Unfold

Patent-Pending Interlocking Teeth

Securely Fastens

Uses Natural Arch of Foot

foldable flip flop
EzFlop Foldable Flip-Flops
EzFlop Promotional Flip-Flops
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Recycling EzFlop Flip Flops:

EVA, also known as ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, is a common material used by millions everyday. Our flip-flops consist of both an EVA foam rubber sole and insole. The sole of an EzFlop Flip Flop utilizes a denser material to provide support, durability and anti-skid protection. Our top insole, also known as the top sole has a softer layer of EVA foam rubber. This top layer provides a shockproof and anti-pressure layer above the sole of the flip-flop.

At the current moment recycling of EVA is low, which contributes to an increase in pollution. Our goal was to design a flip-flop that can be recycled over and over again.

The benefits of recycling EzFlop Flip Flops:

1. Help reduced environmental pollution
2. Save energy and resources
3. Save on transportation and storage cost
4. Low cost of recycling operation
5. Reduced recycled EzFlop Flip Flops to granule form to be used again

How Recycling EzFlop Flip Flops Works:

In the future we plan to offer our clients a recycling bin in which they can deposit used pairs of EzFlop Flip Flops. These recycling bins of used EzFlop Flip Flops will be sent back to our headquarters in which they will be shredded. The process involves shredding, heating and extruding.

Our goal is to offer a completely recycled pair of EzFlop Flip Flops. These recycled pairs of flip-flops will be called EcoFlops. This will complete our circle of reuse to help EzFlop Flip Flops reduced environmental pollution.

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Bacteria and Germs

Studies have shown scientists found genetic traces of more than 77,000 distinct types of bacteria and viruses in public restrooms. Among these bacteria was that of Staphylococcus found in overwhelming abundance. Other prominent viruses were: MRSA, HPV and herpes virus.

Staph infections are very serious and even deadly, if the bacteria were to get into your bloodstream. Don’t take the risk of walking around barefoot in public: restrooms, pool areas, saunas, steam rooms and showers. Keeping a pair of EzFlop Flip Flops on hand will help reduce the risk of catching and or spreading any bacteria or viruses.

Consider a popular hotel and the number of visitors it attracts every year. Now imagine in every room people walking around barefoot spreading his or her disgusting feet germs. Let’s not forget those with sweaty feet! Well wouldn’t it be nice if the hotel offered a free pair of disposable & recyclable flip-flops? Well it could be possible if you request your favorite hotels to use EzFlop Flip Flops.

Where To Use EzFlop Flip Flops:

EzFlop Flip Flops are compact, lightweight and waterproof. Take a pair of EzFlop Flip Flops on a vacation or simply keep a pair in a gym bag. Always have the peace of mind of knowing you feet protection.

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